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Bronze Age collapse

Bronze Age collapse

The Influence of Climatic Change on the Late Bronze Age Collapse and the Dark Ages.

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Bronze Age Miniseries (Part 1 of 3)

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6572360/ The Bronze Age saw the rise of urban societies, vast trading empires and military might. How did this come about, and why did it end? The Bronze Age comes...

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History Rewritten The Real Reason Ancient Bronze Age Civilizations Collapsed

This enthralling video describes one of the most dramatic and mysterious processes in the history of mankind--the collapse of the Bronze Age civilizations. Walks us through events that transpired...

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The Bronze Age Collapse - II: The Wheel and the Rod - Extra History

Bronze Age societies built intricate networks of trade, advanced military infrastructure, and hugely organized central governments. But when crucial parts of those systems began to disappear,...

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Life in a Bronze Age settlement


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1177 BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed (Eric Cline, PhD)

From about 1500 BC to 1200 BC, the Mediterranean region played host to a complex cosmopolitan and globalized world-system. It may have been this very internationalism that contributed to the...

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Eric Cline - The Collapse of Cities and Civilizations at the End of the Late Bronze Age

For more than three hundred years during the Late Bronze Age, from about 1500 BC until just after 1200 BC, the Mediterranean region played host to a complex international world in which Egyptians,...

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Casting an Egyptian bronze age dagger

In this video I will be casting a bronze age dagger. I will be modeling this dagger after an actual 4000 year old ancient Egyptian artifact. First song: Icy Vindur by A Himitsu https://soundclou...

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Birth of Europe : Colliding Continents and the Age of Bronze

How the Alps were formed and how the discovery of bronze began the first arms race in northern Europe, while in Crete, European civilisation grew peacefully from wealth generated by agriculture...

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Greece and Asia in the Late Bronze Age: The Historical Background of Homer's Iliad

Dr. Wolf-Dietrich Niemeier, Director of the German Archaeological Institute at Athens, speaks. In 1924, Swiss archaeologist Emil Forrer announced a new discovery relating to the Trojan War....

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Making History - Bronze

By adding Tin to Copper early humans create the worlds first alloy - Bronze. This metal is much harder and doesn't lose its edge as quickly as copper does which inspires people to mass produce...

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KS2 Prehistory – The Bronze Age

www.museumoflondon.org.uk/prehistory-resources How did people make tools from metal during the Bronze Age? This short video, introduced by children, demonstrates how a bronze axe is cast using...

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stone age to bronze age

A fun look at change.

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GREECE, an early Bronze Age settlement (3,500BC), island of IOS

SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/c/VicStefanu - Let's go to one of the most beautiful of the Greek islands, the island of Ios and let's visit Skarkos (Greek: Σκάρκος) which is an early...

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[Documentary] China's Bronze Age - Shang Dynasty (1760 - 1520 BC) 商朝

Playlist of documentaries about Chinese major dynasties: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiVCagCDXANC6RPVc0NAzj3BcWHf5S1mK.

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Time Team Digs 01 The Bronze Age (2002)

This programme looks at the Bronze Age, as the Team revisit an ancient bridge in Vauxhall, and a track in Peterborough.

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Bronze Age: Ver 2.0 - (Free City Builder)

Bronze Age Download: https://commodoreshawn.itch.io/bronze-age Bronze Age is a hybrid city builder / 4X currently in development. Starting with a band of migrants you can found a settlement...

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The Mycenaeans and Minoans Today: Revivals of Bronze Age Greece

The Spring 2015 John C. Rouman Classical Lecture at the University of New Hampshire by Professor Bryan Burns of the Department of Classical Studies at Wellesley College. April 29, 2015.

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The End of the Bronze Age

Around 1200 BC, the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean went into major cultural decline: The Late Bronze Age came to a sudden end. Kingdoms that had wielded immense power completely disappeare...

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The Nordic Bronze age

The Bronze Age in southern Scandinavia surpasses most of bronze age europe. It is the richest period of finds, crafts, creativity and artistic expression. Only in Mycenaean Greece there is...

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Time Team Special 57 (2014) - Britain's Bronze Age Mummies (Low Hauxley, Northumberland, England)

As Sir Tony Robinson discovers, there are gaps in historians' knowledge of the strange rituals, death rites and beliefs from 2500BC, when Britain entered the Bronze Age. No copyright infringement...

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Bronze age swords

In reaction to the comments on the mellow jazz used in the last bronze age swords video, I have gone to the other farcical extreme and used wildly over-the-top action music. You may now decide...

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ACOR Lecture: \


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Bronze Age

Learn more at https://app.curiositystream.com/collection/225/1342. In the region that includes the Mediterranean, the Aegean, Mesopotamia and Egypt, the Bronze Age arrived about 3000 BC and...

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The Late Bronze Age Eruption of Santorini: A Mega Disaster in Human Antiquity - Floyd McCoy

Department of Geology and Geoenvironment, November 12th 2016 Athens, Greece. Lecture for the masters degree program \

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The Bronze Age

Video clip for 1st year students on the Bronze Age.

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Casting an Early Bronze Age Axe


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Nordic Bronze Age God-King

The Håga mound (Hågahögen) or King Björn's barrow is a large Nordic Bronze Age burial mound near Uppsala, Sweden. It is one of the most magnificent remains from the Nordic Bronze Age and...

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What was the Bronze Age?


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Birth Of Europe 02 Colliding Continents, Age of Bronze

This is an old six part series made by BBC and aired on the history channel in 1991 or 1992, narrated by Jack Perkins. We only have the first two episodes, the rest was lost in a fire. If anyone...

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